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Annelie pompe pojkvän

Annelie Pompe: Freediving Annelie Pompe hates pool training. That's unfortunate given that her occupation is professional freediving. Not long after summiting the lofty altitudes of Aconcagua in Argentina, she's back in the pool preparing for another world depth record in freediving. Inlägg om Filosoferande skrivna av anneliepompe. Jag är envis. Det räcker inte. Svar på hur djupt man kan fridyka med ett skadat knä: Till 60m.

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Below you'll find exerpts of my last posts, both in English and Swedish. Want to know more? Annelie Pompe is a freediver and a climber as well as a well known proffessional speaker. She has had a world record freedive to 126m and climbed mt.

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Brakspade Felling trees, preparing for yoga hall. Filmshoot Annelie Pompe training for Everest. Soon Ice freediving. 2018-sep-19 - Fridykaren Annelie Pompe från Mölndal har satt två nya svenska rekord under dykningar i egyptiska Dahab de senaste dagarna.

Annelie pompe freediving

Fridykning DYK

Annelie pompe freediving

Annelie Pompe became the first world champion in a new area, having been deepest (free diving 126 m) and highest (Mount Everest 8 848 m). Hitta denna pin och fler på Freediving av Mike D.. Taggar. Extrem Idrott · Snorkling · Utsikt.

Annelie pompe freediving

We have a new trip 30/5-1/6 to Marstrand/Pater noster. Free Diving Shown here is Swedish diver Annelie Pompe in the free immersion competition. Here the diver pulls down the line and back to the surface without the use of fins. Pompe also teaches deep-breath diving.
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Annelie pompe freediving

Anneliepompe Annelie Pompe, Deep everest blog, English, Fridykning, Travels and thoughts annelie pompe blog, annelie pompe freediving, freediving training, stop complaining, what to train 0 The last days of freediving preparations in the Maldives has been like hugging an old friend. Annelie Pompe. February 26, 2020 · Today’s freediving drift dive in fairly strong current!

Klockan ett natten mot. Find this Pin and more on Free Diving by Eric F.. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Olympus Digital Camera, Diving, Abstract, Artwork, Free, Summary. Saved from  31 mars 2019 — Äventyraren Annelie Pompe är aktuell i årets upplaga av Jag har en stödjande och inspirerande freediving-tränare, Sebastian Näslund.

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Photographer Annelie Pompe, 33 , has taken stunning pictures of models underwater. May 30, 2012 Keywords: freediving, breath-hold, training, adaptive mechanisms Stephane Mifsud (STA) – 38 years; Annelie Pompe (VWT) – 29 years; and  May 20, 2011 Swedish adventurer and free-diving champion Annelie Pompe became reached Mount Everest's fabled 8848 metre summit on Friday, but  freedivers dive to spearfish or just to be a part of the underwater world, to float weightless in a feeling of freedom. – Annelie Pompe (  A method based on repeated freediving was developed to rescue subjects trapped in Sebastian Näslund and Annelie Pompe for their efforts during diving and  Oct 26, 2016 It is fun to look back - today most of us have made our names and careers in freediving; Federico Mana, Annelie Pompe, myself and Andrea  12 okt.

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Annelie pompe pojkvän

2015 — Annelie Pompe Team Bergans – Bergsklättrare Annelie Pompe från Annelie Pompe egentligen har dykt i klassen variable weight freediving? 9 okt.

Annelie pompe pojkvän

Amongst her adventurous achievements is a world record freedive to 126m on one breath, as well as being the first Swedish woman to summit Everest from the north side and climbing the 7 summits. Annelie Pompe, Freediver, Mountain Climber sets a new world record of 126 meters in variable weight. Annelie has boundless courage and determination that see I’m selling some freediving & adventure gear hoping it will be of use and fun for others! I’m donating 25% of sales to the ocean through @4ocean.

The current record has been held by Tanya Streeter for 10 years at 160m..